We all have fears, but how can we help our kids with theirs when we struggle with our own?

Parent 1: “First, they’re in diapers, then, all of a sudden, they’re graduating!”

Parent 2: “No, first they’re in diapers, then comes getting up with them when they have nightmares, and then they’re graduating!”

Another parent shared this…

“We bought our Gr. 2 daughter a Bible for Easter.  We’ve been teaching her how to search for different topics and to pray for God's instruction when reading.  Since her imagination has been going awry at night and she struggles with fear, we’ve been spending time looking up verses, and reading and praying about it.” (How often do we lie awake with our fears?)

Why not make it a family project:  share a fear, choose a family verse, pray about it together, and encourage each other.

Psalm 56:3