Summary of one mom’s thoughts…

~Sometimes it’s harder to be the one praying “afar” at home than to be the ones “afar” from home (especially when some of those are grandchildren). 

~Being “afar” in distance is one thing, but being "afar" because we can no longer orchestrate things in our children's lives is another.  

~ Sometimes it seems a whole lot "afar-ther" when a relationship is strained.

~Being “afar” teaches older ones at home to rely more on the Lord (i.e., allowing Him to do that orchestrating of things in our children’s lives) 

~Being “afar” reminds the older ones at home about their very important ministry. We may no longer be in the thick of raising and/or schooling a family, and possibly have more quiet time to study, read, and pray. 

~The younger ones “afar” need us to carry out this ministry for them. 

~The older ones praying “afar” at home need them to carry out their ministry with the strength and energy that we once had. 

“Afar” doesn’t have to be far--all of our kids need prayer.

Prov. 25:25